The European e-Skills Association (EeSA) is a community of stakeholders supporting the development of e-skills and digital literacy in Europe. EeSA builds on the success of the e-Skills Industry Leadership Board (e-Skills ILB) supported by DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission.

EeSA is an umbrella organisation that works in partnership with the European Commission, public authorities across Europe, SMEs and all relevant stakeholders to build upon the European Commission recommendations and other reference initiatives on e-skills.

Latest news
Digital Skills for the Automotive Industry

The Commission has committed to support the acquisition of new digital skills, retraining and reskilling of the workforce on a broad scale. As action points were put forward in both the communications...
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Commission suggests simplifying use of .eu domain name

On Friday 27 April, the European Commission unveiled a plan to make first level .eu domains more accessible.  In practice, this first level domain name guarantees users respect of their righ...
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