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Upskilling Europe's small businesses for the digital age

Skills for digital marketing, social media, cybersecurity, web development and data analytics are what small and medium enterprises (SMEs) most want to improve on. These are the interim findings of a ...
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Commission proposes funding of almost €10 billion for digital in the 2021-2027 period

A €9.2 billion envelope to relaunch Europe in the digital race was suggested in a new proposal for post-2020 EU spending, presented on June 6th. Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for the Digital ...
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e-Skills Association Don't forget to share your voice for the #digital4her conference next week, where important discussions on?
15-06-2018 15:39
e-Skills Association We have now 18 countries that joined the #EuroHPC JU thanks to the signature of #Lithuania ?? #Sweden ?? & #Finland?
15-06-2018 14:26
e-Skills Association Our #DigitalEurope that aims at providing the best public services to #citizens & #businesses must build on modern?
14-06-2018 16:43


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