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STOA Annual Lecture 2018

On December 4th the European Parliament organized the STOA (European Parliament's Science and Technology Options Assessment) Annual Lecture 2018 on ‘Quantum Technologies, artificial in...
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Promoting the development of artificial intelligence in Europe

On December 7th the Commission presented a coordinated plan prepared with Member States to foster the development and use of artificial intelligence in Europe. Among other actions, the EC is cons...
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e-Skills Association European Media Literacy Week aims to raise awareness of the importance of #medialiteracy in the EU. The?
22-03-2019 09:39
e-Skills Association Have you earned #MTA and now want to keep moving along a high-tech career path? Microsoft?s new role-based certific?
21-03-2019 18:00
e-Skills Association A high level of media literacy is key to enable citizens to make informed decisions in the digital age.?
20-03-2019 14:36


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