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Education and Youth in the European Union - Current challenges and future prospects

Requested by the European Parliament Committee on Culture and Education, this study identifies the development of inclusive digital learning as a possible policy option to tackle curren...
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Promoting the development of artificial intelligence in Europe

On December 7th the Commission presented a coordinated plan prepared with Member States to foster the development and use of artificial intelligence in Europe. Among other actions, the EC is cons...
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e-Skills Association As a student teacher you can improve your competences, create a network of peers and bring ICT innovation in your f?
10-10-2019 09:14
e-Skills Association The #AllDigitalSummit19 has started! The event is co-hosted by our Italian members ART-ER, Lai-Momo, Open Group in?
10-10-2019 09:14
e-Skills Association We already have more than 4??0?? 0??0??0?? activities registered on our map! ?? Is yours already on there? There?
09-10-2019 12:50


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