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Commissioner Mariya Gabriel's speech at the Bruegel Annual Meetings on September 4th

One key focus of our digital strategy is on digital skills.Today, 90% of jobs require basic digital skills, but one third of the European labour force is lacking such skills. The 350,000 open vacancie...
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European Economic and Social Committee calls for a managed digital transition

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) calls for a digital transition based on the respect of European values. This opinion, adopted mid-July, addresses questions related to artificial inte...
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e-Skills Association We are very excited to announce that the Code Week website is now available in 27 languages. Go have a look!?
21-09-2018 11:33
e-Skills Association European #Universities will be crucial in boosting excellence & cooperation across borders ? and equip our future g?
21-09-2018 09:57
e-Skills Association #Codeweek is by no means the only initiative to teach coding. Have a look at the #CodingLikeAGirl initiative - they?
20-09-2018 16:38


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