WHO WE ARE The  European e-Skills Association (EeSA) is a community of stakeholders supporting the development of e-skills and digital literacy in Europe. EeSA builds on the success of the e-Skills Industry Leadership Board (e-Skills ILB) supported by DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission.   EeSA is an umbrella organisation that works in partnership with the European Commission, public authorities across Europe, SMEs and all relevant stakeholders to build upon the European Commission recommendations and other reference initiatives on e-skills.   More
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EeSA Conference on 'e-Skills for the 21st Century'
On 11th December in Brussels, senior representatives from industry, associations, European institutions and academia will gather at the EeSA conference on 'e-Skills for the 21st Century' to present their achievements and future actions related to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. The conference will be composed of three panel discussions that will address the following...  More
New Survey Says 20% of European Students Never Use a Computer in the Classroom
The Survey of Schools: ICT in Education report was commissioned by the European Commission to benchmark access, use of and attitudes to ICT in schools in 31 European countries. The 190,000 responses collected from students, teachers and head teachers provide a detailed benchmarking of ICT in school level education across Europe. The survey reveals that ICT infrastructure is schools is...  More