16/03/21 Pacts for Skills

In November 2020, the European Commission launched the Pact for Skills, a shared engagement model for skills development in Europe. The Pact for Skills takes the form of a Charter, and it's key principles are:

1. Promoting a culture of lifelong learning for all;
2. Building strong skills partnerships;
3. Monitoring skills supply/demand and anticipating skills needs;
4. Working against discrimination and for gender equality and equal opportunities.

Starting from 2021 the Commission will support the signatories of the Pact through dedicated services, such as:

- Networking hub
, including: support in finding partners and first meetings of the partnerships; linking with existing EU tools, e.g. Europass, Skills Panorama, EURES and European Network of Public Employment Services; promotion of the activities of the Pact members.

- Knowledge hub, including: webinars, seminars, peer learning activities; updates on EU policies and instruments; information on projects, tools instruments and best practices.

- Guidance and resources hub, including: access to information on relevant EU funding; guidance to identify financial possibilities; facilitation of exchange between the Pact members and national/regional authorities.

A particular mention concerning EU funding: the Commission has highlighted that instruments such as the Recovery and Resilience Facility and the relevant funding instruments under the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 can support the Pact and should be fully used.

The Pact for Skills can be joined by:

- Individual companies or other private or public organisations

- Regional or local partnerships

- Industrial ecosystems or cross-sectoral partnerships

Registration to the pact is possible here