07/04/20 Draft Conclusions on Shaping Europe's Digital Future

The Croatian Presidency has recently sent national delegations their draft conclusions on Shaping Europe’s Future, including items on cybersecurity, data, the Digital Services Act and artificial intelligence. Also, according to this draft, digital infrastructure and technology companies will be held more accountable for its environmental footprint and Member States will have to analyze the experience gained from the COVID-19 pandemic in order to enable a better implementation of current and future Union policies in the digital domain, particularly in areas such as e-health, digital education, e-government, data sharing and broadband connectivity.
National delegations have been invited to provide feedback to these draft conclusions before April 20.
On page 9 of this document, we can find a part concerning skills and education. The draft encourages the Commission to take measures to halve the current digital specialists gap by 2025 through the increase in the participation of women and attracting highly-skilled technology specialists from third countries and calls on the Commission, the Member States and the private sector to put measures in place to upskill the workforce for the digital age.