01/04/20 The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition calls for pledges to address the surging need for digital skills and solutions in these exceptional times

The European Commission is asking organisations across Europe to join and help provide these sorely needed digital skills by making a pledge to the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and sharing their initiative across Europe.

Pledges can:

  • Enable traditional SME owners to manage their businesses and move activities online (e.g. sales)

  • Equip SME employees with the tools to meet their new and changing roles

  • Supply teleworkers with the best tools to find their new routine

  • Provide  ICT service specialists with the possibilities to upskill in advanced digital technologies and develop their own opportunities

  • Empower the self-employed to uncover new revenue streams

  • Reduce the risk of exclusion and loneliness for older adults and other at-risk groups

  • Help teachers and parents create new digital resources and utilise digital education platforms

  • Support the continued progress of learners from primary and secondary schools

  • Create the next generation of coders and makers