27/03/20 Council’s draft conclusions on reskilling and upskilling

You will find here the EU Council’s draft conclusions on ‘reskilling and upskilling as a basis for increasing sustainability and employability, in the context of supporting economic recovery and social cohesion’. The Member States are invited to provide their comments in writing for these conclusions by 8 April 2020, and the Presidency will then prepare an amended text of the draft conclusions based on these comments. 

In these conclusions, and as a brief summary, the Council calls Member States to, among others:

  • Promote and implement initiatives to reskill and upskill the workforce to ensure their employability and productivity;

  • Support individuals in their continuous skills development;

  • Identify possible models for financing lifelong learning; 

  • Promote the further diversification of the delivery modes of formal and non-formal education;

  • Apply and further develop different initiatives from the ‘Skills Agenda for Europe’;

  • Reinforce and update the ‘Skills Agenda for Europe’ to support Member States with putting in place labour market-relevant education and training and accessible upskilling and reskilling opportunities for both active and unemployed workers.