25/11/19 The platform economy: revolutionising the world of work

Roberto Viola, Director General of DG Connect at the European Commission, has published a blogpost on the impact of technology in the nature of jobs.

In a nutshell, he says that today’s labor markets are characterized by an increasing variety of new forms of employment such as platform work, which poses challenges but also opportunities and possible need for public policy intervention.

In fact, platform work is a phenomenon that it is deemed to grow overtime.

Therefore, there is a public interest argument to be made for putting the right legal framework in place to ensure that platform workers’ rights are safeguarded and respected on all levels, as it is the case for more standard forms of work.

Moreover, taking into account the complexity of today’s job market and its constant transformation, being able to handle the unstoppable process of technological development requires significant investment at the EU level, especially when it comes to education and training.