28/10/19 EPRS Briefing on The Future of Work in the EU

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) has published a briefing on The Future of Work in the EU.
The briefing touches upon the changes in the world of work, trends shaping work contracts, the influence of robotics and digitalisation on the future of work, social security systems in changing circumstances and ultimately the role of the EU amid these transformations.
The briefing also says that the need for the new digital skills to successfully master the challenges of the new working environment continues to grow. Despite this need, it highlights the lack of digitally skilled people to fill job vacancies, pointing that in 2020 there could be a deficit of more than 500 000 information and communication technologies (ICT) professionals in Europe. Reducing the mismatch between the available and demanded digital skills has been a key EU-level priority over the past decade and it will continue to be highly relevant.