23/11/18 Skills For The Future: Managing Transition

On November 21st and 22nd The European Training Foundation (ETF), the EU Agency in charge of developing training and education in the EU neighbouring countries organized the conference ‘Skills for the Future: Managing transition’.

The conference, with 350 participants from 50 countries, including experts from the EU and EU’s neighbouring countries, entrepreneurs, training providers and policy makers aimed at exploring how developing countries can respond to global trends in terms of skills by shaping the labour market of tomorrow.

The discussions revolved around four main topics: 

  1. Mastering global trends

  2. Tackling country-specific challenges

  3. Addressing the future of skills, education and training

  4. Supporting the transition toward the future

Overall, the ETF conference addressed challenging questions such as: How do global forces interact with local realities? How does this affect the demand for skills? How should governments, businesses, civil society, education and training providers work together to manage change? What kind of skills policies work in different contexts?

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