03/08/18 European Economic and Social Committee calls for a managed digital transition

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) calls for a digital transition based on the respect of European values. This opinion, adopted mid-July, addresses questions related to artificial intelligence, training, lifelong learning and diversity in the workplace. The EU concepts for transition management in a digitalised world of work paper will serve as input for the EU's White Paper on the future of work. 
It emphasizes the importance of a ‘human-in command’ approach to the digitalisation process. Considering the ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence, the paper explains that according to the principle underpinning the human-in command approach, “machines clearly have the role of serving humans, with more complex, ethical and human-related tasks left under human control”
The EESC calls attention to the fact that priority measures and stronger support should be given to “workers in low-skilled occupations at high risk of automation, transformation, replacement or even disappearance”The EESC is concerned that 22% of workers in the EU may not have the right digital skills to keep up with developments in their jobs. 

The text can be consulted here.