12/06/18 Commission proposes funding of almost €10 billion for digital in the 2021-2027 period

A €9.2 billion envelope to relaunch Europe in the digital race was suggested in a new proposal for post-2020 EU spending, presented on June 6th.

Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, said “We have concentrated on investment in strategic capacity. Currently, there are sectors in which Europe remains a leader such as robotics and micro-nanotechnologies. We have identified five key areas where investment is needed.” The Commissioner explained that the investment is not meant to replace current programmes but rather compliment and complete them.

According to the Commission the goal is “to endow the EU with its own independent and competitive technology supply, achieving excellence in applications and widening supercomputing availability and use”. The proposal centers around the period from 2021-2027 and features five key areas where Europe can make the difference: high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and advanced digital skills and ensuring their wide use. Supercomputers, artificial intelligence and cyber security will gain the most from the new proposal.

€700 million will be raised to respond to digital skill requirements. Through long- and short- term training courses and on-the-job traineeships, regardless of their Member State of residence and targeted programmes for civil servants. €1.3 billion will ensure the digital transformation of public administration and public services and their EU-wide interoperability. Another €2 billion has been earmarked by the Commission for the cybersecurity industry.