14/05/18 Commission suggests simplifying use of .eu domain name

On Friday 27 April, the European Commission unveiled a plan to make first level .eu domains more accessible. 

In practice, this first level domain name guarantees users respect of their rights under EU legislation on the site they’re visiting. The .eu domain name allows companies to have greater visibility in the Single Market and easier access to e-commerce. 

The recent stagnation of the number of sites using .eu has encouraged the European Commission to take action to allow the .eu domain name to remain a powerful bias for citizens whereby they can demonstrate their European identity.

The European Commission says that the achievement of this end will require a simplification of legibility criteria for the domain name in order to make it more accessible. EU citizens will be able to manage a .eu website from a non-EU country. Companies will no longer be required to be mostly located in a member state but will only be required to be establishedin the EU.