30/04/18 Digital Skills for Artificial Intelligence

On April 25th, the European Commission published a communication on artificial intelligence. Job changes due to automation are anticipated, which means workers must be upskilled to work with technology, as well as skills that cannot be replaced by any machine such as critical thinking, creativity or management.

The Commission lists several action points to build a resilient EU work force such as setting up dedicated (re)training schemes, anticipate the changes on the labour market and skills mismatch, launch pilots to predict training requirements for future competence profiles, support Digital Opportunities Traineeships, encourage business-education partnerships, invite social partner to include AI and its impact on the economy and employment.

Another aim is to increase public and private investment, they acknowledge that the EU is lagging behind China and the US. It is therefore committed to investing €1.5 billion by 2020 as part of the Horizon 2020 programme and hopes that overall investment in research and innovation will reach a total of €20 billion within two years. Other working areas include fairness, safety, social inclusion, algorithmic transparency and, more broadly, the impact on fundamental rights, particularly private life, dignity, consumer protection and non-discrimination.

The communication can be seen here.