30/04/18 Digital Skills to Tackling Online Disinformation

The European Commission presented their communication on disinformation on April 26th. Its main conclusion is that the online platforms where the disinformation is easily spread, should be allowed to regulate themselves. The Commission will however re-examine the issue in October and will, if need be, propose additional measures by December 2018.

We highlight the fact that media literacy is identified as a working area. The Commission lists several action points such as; providing educational material to schools and educators, include targeted initiatives in the #SaferInternet4EU campaign, organise a European Week of Media Literacy, further encourage the work of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, continue implementation of the Digital Education Action plan and continue to support the Digital Opportunity traineeship.

Other working areas further mentioned include; improving the ecosystem, respect for the democratic process, aid for quality journalism and tackling external attacks.

The communication can be seen here.