29/03/18 No revolution expected for European artificial intelligence strategy

At the end of April, the European Commission will publish its strategy on artificial intelligence (AI), in view of encouraging the development of this technology, whilst ensuring that it does not lead to any irregularities.

The document is based on three principal areas of work:

  1. Stimulating the EU's technological and industrial capacity in this area.

  2. Tackling ethical and legal issues (whilst taking on board questions relating to safety, liability, transparency and data access).

  3. Responding to socio-economic challenges on the labour markets and modernising education and training systems in Europe. 

According to the Commission, the combined economic impact of vehicle automation, know-how and robots is estimated to be around €6.5-12 trillion every year up to 2025, including productivity gains (40%) and the improved quality-of-life for an ageing population.

The artificial intelligence strategy is almost certainly going to be presented on 24 April as part of a data related package, which will also include an online health initiative and another on the reuse of public sector information. Another package focusing on platforms will be unveiled the following day. This will contain an initiative on relations between the platforms and their commercial partners.