19/01/17 Unemployment Falls in the EU but Remains Stable in the Euro Area

According to figures published by Eurostat on Monday 9 January (you can find them here), euro area unemployment remained stable at 9.8% in November 2016. It decreased by 0.1% in the EU as a whole for the same month (8.3%).

Overall, significant variations can be observed in six member states between October and November. Unemployment particularly took a tumble in Ireland (7.3%), France (9.5%), Malta (4.8%) and Slovakia (9%). On the other hand, it rose by 0.4% in Cyprus (14.2%) and by 0.3% in Lithuania (7.9%).

Youth unemployment made an unexpected leap and increased by 0.3% in the euro area (21.2%) and by 0.1% in the Union (18.8%). Italy experienced a particularly high rise given that it saw a 1.8% increase over the course of a single month (39.4%). Despite a globally stable and positive trend in Spain, the country also saw the number of its youth unemployed rise significantly to 44.4%, (an increase of 0.6%). It was a similar situation in Portugal where the rate rose by the same amount (28.4%).

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