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European Economic and Social Committee calls for a managed digital transition

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) calls for a digital transition based on the respect of European values. This opinion, adopted mid-July, addresses questions related to artificial inte...
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The Austrian Presidency discussion paper on the governance of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy for Europe published on the 26th of July

It provides a useful summary of all the different workstreams related to AI. It ranges from funding to different Commission’s work plans that have an impact on AI, to the different activities th...
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e-Skills Association Are you a teacher? And do want to offer your students a chance to try #coding? ???? Check out this easy-to-use tool?
14-08-2018 14:43
e-Skills Association We launched the Digital Agenda for the #WesternBalkans to support the transition of the region into a digital econo?
14-08-2018 10:28
e-Skills Association Curious to know how you can start integrating #technology in your #classroom? Five useful guidelines for #school le?
13-08-2018 17:10


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