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No revolution expected for European artificial intelligence strategy

At the end of April, the European Commission will publish its strategy on artificial intelligence (AI), in view of encouraging the development of this technology, whilst ensuring that it does not lead...
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Educational Project Updates

We are pleased to inform you that the proposal coordinated by Politecnico di Milano, DigiMooD for CCI (Digital Module of Didatics for Cultural and Creative Industry), has been selected for the “...
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e-Skills Association We'll present new #DigitalSingleMarket proposals this week. Stay tuned for news about #AI, #DataEconomy,?
2018-04-24 14:08
e-Skills Association About 1 in 4 adults across OECD countries has low #literacy or numeracy skills. Learn more ???
2018-04-24 13:52
e-Skills Association D-1 to the Conference I co-organise together w/ @EP_President, ?Shaping our digital future: the challenge of the di?
2018-04-24 11:39


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